So i did an interview with the Calabogie park staff a while back and here is the full interview, little late eh, but it shows i actually have been not sitting on my ass doing papers all the time.

Feb 3, 2009

Author: Pippin Lee

An interview with park manager Ashley Fiebig

What should skiers and snowboarders expect to see at your hill in the way of park and pipe features?

The many features we will have up this year include:

-30' flat box

-30' urban on handrail

-35’ booter

-35’ table

-Smaller set of jumps

-Tree bonk

-15' C-rail

-30' down rail

-Step-up to drop

-Jib barrel

What is the biggest change in your park since last season?

This year we have done some major tree-cutting, which has allowed us to really widen out and expand the size of our main park.

Which park or pipe events will be held at your hill?

This season we have our Rail Jam event on Feb. 8, then on March 1 we

have our slopestyle event. We have our big one for Mardi Gras, which

will be held on the weekend of March 21-22, which includes both a Big

Air competition and a Rail Jam.


For the rest of the inteview head over to SBC Skier:

Have a great weekend out on the slopes

- Pippin