I'm really excited about this video, so I'm double posting it.   I also wanted to talk about it a little more over here in the blogosphere (what a dumb word) My hopes with this video is to educate you guys a little more on what it actually takes to build large features.   I really wish I had done it with the big jump, as that one is really interesting as well.   I think that I am going to try and make more of these to show all the processes for building stuff.   One thing I will admit, is that I made a bit of an error with the quarter.   Right near the end of the summer, we found out that using the Zaugg (pipe cutter) and simply cutting the middle of the transition, we saved HOURS of shovelling time.   Lesson learned... but granted when we did that the quarter wasn't quite as big.  The amount of work that goes into massive features you see in the movies is unreal.   I really want to be able to show people just what it takes to build stuff.  I mean you should try one time sitting around for the whole process to build a massive jump... it just takes so long.   I really want your feedback on the video.  Did you find it interesting?  Was it more boring than watching paint dry?  What could have been better?   Lets chat...I'm hoping to be able to start doing like a Park Building trick tips kind of thing... giving you guys some knowlege on what goes down behind the scenes.  Thats the best way to properly bitch at shitty park staff, is to be educated on what it takes to do it right.  Anyways, sorry for the double post, but I just wanted to get some more in-depth discussion going on here for those who are interested.