Parents are weird as hell. Seems as though I'm not the only one though...anyone else feel this way? Some of my frinds say their parents have "loosened up" in regards to sexual banter and swearing. My dad swears like a sailor in front of me, but my mom doesn't. I swear a hell of a lot, but never (or VERY rarely) in front of them. Also, today my cousin, sister, and dad were talking about gay cowboys and homosexuality. It was odd.

Anyways, today was ok I guess. I got a haircut at 9AM and IT'S WAY TOO FUCKING SHORT. Whatever'll grow back. I'll just look like a dumbass for a while.

Tonight Denise is running the YMCA ALL BY HERSELF. Which means I'm gonna go hang out with her, if I get the chance. There's a few other people that wanna hang out with me, so we'll see what goes down.

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