Slytech Protection in conjunction with Absinthe Films and Daron Rahlves are passionate about raising awareness of safety on the mountain.

That’s why we are giving away one back protector every month all 2010/2011 season long to the person with the most gnarly slam video or photo. These videos and photos are meant to highlight the potential for serious injury and that you can mitigate that risk by wearing protective gear like a back protector.  Enter to win at the official signup page >>

Slam Video Details

Skier Pseudonym: Cedar Teionietathe Jocks

Crash Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Crash Date: 3/1/2010

Slam Detail: Having a mellow urban day while it snowed in Breck. I didn’t see the metal rods holding up the tree in the landing of this rail. Fractured pelvis and punctured bum…. It happens around 11:11 in the video.

***Bloody, gory scenes! If you’re a minor or just get quinsy at the site of huge gaping flesh-wounds, don’t watch!***

The Puppet Show Webisode 2 from Matt Mulligan on Vimeo.

If you think this is one of the gnarliest slam vids on the Slytech blog, click on the FACEBOOK LIKE BUTTONS and TWITTER BUTTONS UP TOP. Also ask yourself: could a back protector have helped prevent some of these injuries? Perhaps the belt of a back protector may have protected his upper bum area? Perhaps the coccyx adapter of the back protector could have softened the blow and averted the fracture pelvis? It’s just conjecture, but these are questions worth asking yourself.