(Written Tuesday... next update coming soon.) The time as already come for me to pack up and leave this place for good... I can't believe how fast the semester went. I feel sorry for my friends back in Montana who are still struggling through theirs – actually I'm just happy I'm not right there with them!

I'm officially done with classes today and my music presentation went just fine. Tomorrow we have no classes and Thursday morning we're having our farewell get-together at the AHA office. Pretty crazy.

No plans until Saturday night when I'll board the night-train to Luzern, Switzerland (10 hours, FML, this will surely be supplemented with a large amount of alcohol) to hang with some relatives for about a week. Trying to work out a couple days in Engelberg so my skis don't get lonely while I'm there. After that, northward to Frankfurt for a visit with a family friend, then to Munich for a few days and back to Frankfurt for my flight HOME (!!!!) on the 23rd.

Well, as you can see, I've got some tidying to do. Time for dinner (Making my own Käsekrainer / cheese-filled hot dog) and then preparing for some time out with the AHA crew! Tschüss!