POW!! In the Cascades!!A Site this year that has been all to common to the Cascades in the central oregon area, has been all the amazing pow we have been recieving! And with another storm passing through the cascades in SPRING, there was much fun to be had.Blake and Logan share the fun!While we were so un decisive to film pow, build jumps, ski lines, and more, we settled on a decision to do alll of the above! And many of the crew including Dan Bruton, Blake Geiss, Logan Beuleau, and friends were on hand to take part in the madness!Logan Relaxes on a nice fat pillow.As fortune would go against us, Logans freeride team manager at Mt. Bachelor had hotlisted his pass, preventing us from taking a nice lift ride to some jump spots. However that did not stop us from going elsewhere, and enjoying a nice bootpack through the deep snow.Blake bootpacks in the fluffy white stuff...We hiked hills and mountains, rode lines, pillows and drops, and even managed to have time for some jumps.Cutting out a Lipsick GRAB!Nuff said!! without words.The storm passed by, leaving the area with tons of snow, and even some bluebird sunshine. In a day period we were able to build 3 jumps, drop cornices, and even get some perfect laps in the park!Dan Bruton kills..... is it possibly a double? hmmmmFurthermore, the week of snow was amazing, and lets this not be the end of it! Tons to still happen this season, and look for Dan and all the DOS guys to have lots of sick riding in this years fall film Overlooked!check out the sitehttp://www.dosmedia.net