POC Frontal Jon Olsson Pro Model

The Frontal helmet is a free ride helmet with the main focus on ventilation. The solution combines four different ventilation systems in a hybrid of hard shell and in mold helmet. At the front there is the POC patented VDSAP, a double shell solution where air is transported between two layers of shell, to avoid direct wind and to withstand penetration from sharp objects. There are six ventilation holes that can be adjusted from the outside. The helmet has ventilation channels on the inside, leading to the holes at the

top and further reinforcing the ventilation.

MSRP: $150.00

-Jon Olsson’s signature (Blue) helmet

Other Available Frontal Colors: Champagne, Red, Green, Brown, Black.

POC Receptor Bug Tanner Hall Pro Model Helmet

The Receptor BUG, a snow-sport specific helmet, featuring POC’s patent pending system with double overlapping shells providing breathability without sacrificing safety. The helmet is made with a tough

durable outer shell construction with an extra protection from the in-mold liner made of polycarbonate and EPS.

MSRP: $130.00

-Tanner Hall’s signature (rasta black) helmet

Other Available Receptor Bug Colors: Yellow, Purple, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Black, Blue, Tanner Hall’s signature helmet.

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