After recently adding Canadian, Kaya Turski, Norwegian, Torgrim Vole, Austrian, Jochen Mesle, and many others to the diverse and growing team at HEAD, PK Hunder has tested out the new products and joined the family.

The ski world has seen few athletes whom within the tender age of 14 start competing at the highest level. PK is one who has competed at numerous X-Games, appeared in many films from Field Productions to MSP, and all the while done it with a smile on his face.

With his sights on the Olympics and other projects for the future, PK has searched out the performance and support from the growing program at HEAD.

“PK is the guy who loves what he does and knows how lucky he is to be doing it.” says HEAD Team Manager Tyson Bolduc. “I first saw PK when he was 16 and traveling in the US. He knew very little English, or had nothing to say, but it was still clear that he was in the right place because he spoke through his personality. He lives to smile and skiing puts a big smile on his face. That is the vibe that we want to spread and we are proud to have PK representing us.”

With a powerful presence in many aspects of the sport, HEAD continues to stringently develop the Freeride program and PK will join a dynamic and formidable Freeride program with Jesper Tjader, Simon Dumont, Anders Backe, and hybrid skier of the century Jon Olsson. Watch for more to come from HEAD and visit