After a slight delay due to the fact that Sean Pettit has been busy given'er in a top secret backcountry location filming with MSP, Round 2 of PG<13 has officially concluded.

The second round was even tougher than the first according to Sean, and after watching all of the 34 videos (not just the top 10, as this contest is very important to him), the man that Tanner Hall hailed as the best skier in the world during Powder Awards has picked his favorite, who will now join Taylor Wilson, the winner of the first round of PG<13, as the newest member of the K2 Groms team.

This young and lucky skier will be given a full sponsorship from K2, and will have the chance to have input on product design along with testing prototypes for upcoming skis, and will be given all the same opportunities Sean was given when he was young, which eventually lead to him becoming one of the biggest names in the sport.

So without further ado, here's the second winner of PG<13, and the newest member of the K2 Groms team...

Tashi Townley

"The kid has got mad style. He's grabbing and doing switch rodeo 5's which are sick by the way," says Pettit. "And I'm stoked to see that Tashi switched it up and built himself a nice jump in the Revelstoke backcountry."

The third and final round of PG<13 is now open until March 31st, so head on over to the contest page and either re-upload your entry from the previous rounds or make a new one for your last chance at winning this amazing opportinity. Mr. Pettit will then go through the videos at the end of this month, and will announce the third and final winner of this uber-cool and extremely rewarding contest at the beginning of April.

Congratulations to Tashi Townley for becoming the newest member of the K2 Groms Team, and to the filmer/editor from Inflik Media, who will receive a free pair of K2's for acting as Taylor's 'scout'.