As we were Sanger Rainsford and his hunting companion Whitney on our way to the Amazon Rainforest to hunt The Most Dangerous Game, Legit and I set off for the Sugarhouse park.  Armed only with a Nikon D2x and our elusive wits, we were not hunting the most dangerous game, but observing from a far.  Now you don’t have to know what the sugarhouse park is to appreciate the following, if you are located in a region with a winter season you to can appreciate this.  Otherwise just laugh at the pictures and use your imagination.  So basically picture a icy slope with a 30* pitch or so probably 75 yards wide 75 yards long and as many people crammed into this 50,625 sq. ft area as humanly possible.  Little to none of the The Most Entertaining Game aka humans at this location are familiar with slick surfaces on a regular basis and are unaware of the hazards.  Below is a picture depicting the scene that is slightly less crowded than usual.

Now you don’t have to use your imaginations, there is a picture to prevent this.

Now this is an excellent depiction of the Anarchy and Entertainment here.  Lower Left: Clearly a collision of sorts potential concussion on guy on left as he is holding his head.  Kid in middle unfamiliar with cold weather wearing shorts and possibly getting left leg snapped by concuss victim.  Read saucer kid appears to be limp with minimal movement.  Upper Right: Child careening violently out of control backwards towards either the already existing pile up or towards unexpecting child in the lower right.  Where are the parents here you might ask, probably the concussion victim swearing up a storm on the ground bringing a screeching halt to sunday funday afternoon.

This appears to be an older specimen attempting to grab some airtime off of the hay bail to his right.  The only thing he is going to be grabbing here is bloody shards of frozen grass out of his A$$ for the next week.  He will more than likely be ridiculed relentlessly around the water cooler for his donut cushion he will now have to use.
Yet another treacherous pile up we see here.  It is hard to even make out a body to sled ratio in this picture.  There may have been a family tandem run gone a rye.  Also note lots of unsuspecting children awaiting potential a chop block.  Injury meter could be high in this particular instance.
I like to call this one the Pete Rose.

It appears Dad bit off a little bit more than he could chew as he attempts to impress on looking off spring with his aerial acrobatics.

Though this picture seems like a normal run of the mill crash in burn, it is anything but.  The boy in the leading saucer went limp here after colliding with the girl and slid to a stop.  Legit and I observed for about a minute with no movement from the boy.  With no one else showing any sort of concern for the boys well being we moved in for a closer look.  Luckily for us, not really wanting to revive anyone he popped up when we were about 7 feet away and stated he was just tired and ran back to the top of the hill for more action.  This really is much more enjoyable in person, I strongly recommend people watching if you live near a sled hill outside a metropolitan area.

Actual video I found on youtube from sugarhouse park sledding.  A different day, but the same action.