I couldn’t think of what to blog about today seeing we have been office rats for the past week and new content is hard to come by right now, so… I decided to compile some of the images I have posted on the blog in the last few months. Some might call foul play but I will say that I once went to school for graphic design before all this outerwear business came about. Sometimes I feel so far behind when looking at design sites and seeing the endless amounts of amazing work out there. This is all I could come up with for the time being, I know there will be more opportunities for design soon, saga winter lookbook? But I know some of you (the reader) have cool media that you have created so I invite you to post a link in the comments below and maybe we can do a free something or other for our favorite pieces. Anyone?

If you read the blog often chances are you will recognize most if not all of the photos in here.

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