Last Summer before shooting Ashley and David’s wedding in Seattle I decided to take a second shooter gig with a Seattle based wedding photographer, Winnie Forbes at Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, Washington.  It was a super fun one to shoot, Cobey and his groomsmen were a fun group and the medievil theme of the wedding was super fun to shoot.  Since I was the second shooter for this wedding, I spent a bit of time on the fringes of what was going on during the ceremony which let me take a lot of shots I otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to take since I’d be focused more on the traditional ceremony photos.  It was quite the media fest for this photo as both Winnie and Corey from Mindcastle Studios was shooting video as well while Sarah and Cobey were walking back down the asile which brought another element to this photo.

I just found out I recieved a merit award in the Cermonies category and will be in the upcoming issue of PDN (Photo District News) which is the “Top Knots” wedding issue.