The 2008 Big Air ramp at Olympic Stadium in Stockholm

Over the past three weeks voting for the 2009 King of Style Video Qualification Series has been open to the public. After selecting a final ten contestants, according to hits gathered on youtube and facebook, the verdict is in. Judges Henrik Windstedt and PK Hunder definitely know what they like and after seeing PC Fosse’s submission they looked no further. PC will join 3 other worthy riders selected to head off to the King of Style Big Air by Peak Performance and LG. On November 21st at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, he and the other three finalists will have a chance to give the stars of big air like Simon Dumont and Jon Olsson, a run for their money. Teammate Mirjam Jaeger said about PC before knowing him; while judging the New Zealand Open last summer, “every time he passed we all said, who is that kid?”. The wait is over and if PC’s plans go forward you will know all about him very soon.


Watch Henrik Windstedt explain the judges decision: