Gettin Towed
Warming up for the big jump session
Rail Tail
Jossi Getting some fresh air
The Lava Jump
The 110 Footer that sent us over the Mountains     Hands down Mt. Bachelor has stepped with some of the funnest and biggest park features I have ever hit in my life.  From the up-rail, to the 110-footer, I have been enjoying the spring park riding at my home mountain and its been a blast.Thanks to Hames for his countless hours in the cat, pushing and plowing, carving and blading.Thanks to TJ, Simon, Dane Tudor, Matt Walker, Jossi Wells, for all coming out and killing it, unfortunately I knuckled the 110 foot beast and don't know if I will be skiing much more during this shoot.  But those guys will be out there killing it for sure for a few more days of sunshine.