Poorboyz Productions is giving away 10 copies of it's latest release, War to the most hardcore PBP fans we can find. That's right, you'll get a free promo DVD way before anyone else gets their dirty little jibber hands on it in their local shop.

So how do you win? We don't want just any Joe or Jill off the street to walk away with these coveted discs so we want you to prove your allegiance to the PBP name. Send us a photo of yourself surrounded with as much PBP product as you can find and the top ten entries will be announced on NS and receive their copy of the movie. Movies, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, ads, and anything else you can find emblazoned with the PBP logo will help your chances.

Gather your gear and your digi cam and send off your photos to poorboyzhouse@yahoo.com along with your name and address. Winners will be announced as soon as 10 worthy entries have been found and the discs have been shipped out.

And checkout http://www.poorboyz.com for an updated War trailer coming soon. Pre-order now and receive a Free WAR T-Shirt and a one year Subscription to Freeskier Mag.