Shooting continues at Mt. Bachelor through the Month of May.

I want winter to last forever, and this winter it seems to be acting that way.

LJ Strenio came back from Sweden to hit up the Bachelor Features which are plentiful, yes plentiful.

The Wallride Feature went down, a mellow transistion into some bigger stuff to come throughout the month.

I was messing around on this wind lip feature and did an outrageously stiff hand drag, I was excited with the photo.

LJ and Sammy Carlson just destroyed the gap rail feature, I enjoyed watching them ____ over the gap.

Here is some Jonathon Chandler Photography

The side of the Wallride had a nice flip jump
Flatspin Japan, name a pro that doesn’t do this trick
Starry Skys, tail riding
Its like 3 wallrides big
LJ and Durtschi Towin
Some Spring natural features were lurking in the shadows
I reveal my new Trick… the upside down Butress
Park poles….
This thing got torn up…

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