Words & photos by Trevor Woods

The Poorboyz Triple Threat Tour has been making its way across the world, and this past weekend made a stop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The University of Utah Freeskier Society and the One Love Ski and Snowboard Club worked together with Poorboyz and Karl Fostvedt to bring this premiere together for Utah. The venue, on the University of Utah campus, seats over 300, and upon arriving, it was clear that the house would be packed. Discrete Headwear, along with representatives from both clubs, Majestic, RAMP, Contact Snowboards, Panda Poles and ON3P Skis had set up a small street fair outside the venue. Karl showed up with a mountain of Hot and Ready pizzas, which were gone before the doors opened for people to head inside. Music was provided by DJ AlexG, quickly becoming a SLC party staple.

DJ Alex G

This kid. NS's very own PMoore and Sam Hurst

An impromptu push-up contest. I don't even know what the incentive was. Maybe it was simply for the sake of fitness.

As kids piled in to the theatre, a quick line formed for an athlete poster signing with Karl, Pep Fujas, Joss Christensen and Alex Schlopy.

NS members in attendance.

The emcee then got the crowd pitted, and the movie began. The theatre was full to the brim, to the point that there was barely enough room to squeeze the rest of the attendees in – standing-room only!

SLC's finest came out to watch...

The opening sequence was greeted with a round of deafening yelling and screaming. Although slowly dying down through the first couple minutes of the movie, the crowd was again roaring for SLC's own Pep Fujas, reminding everyone that he's still on top. The crowd was then equally stoked for local heroes Christensen and Schlopy, and made sure to express their acknowledgment of Karl Fostvedt's standout segment.

After the movie, it was time for the product toss...

The product toss after the movie lasted several minutes. There was a lot of product.

This dude won a brand new pair of Surface Skis and a set of Panda Poles in the raffle. Note the endangered wildlife in the background.

Last on the to-do list was to give away a pair of ON3P Jeffrey's. Three names were drawn via raffle tickets, and called to the stage. In honor of the ON3P "Worst Topsheet Contest," the crowd decided the victor in a "Worst Pushup Contest."

This dude thought showing a little nip would help his cause. The crowd did not go for it.

In the end, Joe Canfield was the victor. Congrats bud, hope you like the skis.

Congrats to Joe, and until next year...

For more information on Poor Boyz Productions' Triple Threat Tour and to find out if they're coming to a theatre near you, check out poorboyz.com/tour.