Words & photos by Josh Anderson

Every year sometime after daylight savings time is decided upon, the spring migration of ski crews begins and terrain parks around the world grow into monsters with "kamikaze, suicide death traps." (quote: "Mick Gnartini" (quote: Matt Walker)). Some crews are more ambitious than others in their yearly efforts to create unique features that will later trap and enthrall unsuspecting DVD viewers. Hustling for your love, Poor Boyz Productions is currently working to bring you Every Day is a Saturday. This year the PBP crew chose to roost at Mt. Hood's Ski Bowl in Oregon for their spring superpark and, so far, have feasted on an elbow-gap-rail setup straight out of Stonehenge, a gap-and-tap-through-the-trees-cannon-box, and a feature that shall not be named but may or may not have just gone ahead and made SSX Tricky reality. I'll quote the venerable Mr. Evan Raps straight outta PBP's own Happy Dayz, "I think, Basically, Tanner's so good because in his little world reality and video games are the exact same thing and when he's skiing, he's in the video game, man. I don't know how else to say it." Tanner wasn't there, but the new flock seems to have gotten the message with a beak full of spins and trickery off of all three of these first jib contraptions.

These guys' mouths are sealed. "Some things are too good for words to describe" - Cody Carter, PBP

Just so you can all understand the value of the unseen here, take it from some words spoken amidst the fray:

"Seo just made $2500."

"What WOULD Tom Wallisch do?"

"It'd look sick if you banged it... ignancy stomp."

"What would Leighsus (aka: Whistler newcomer Leigh Powis) do after a blind-swap, cork 3 out? Bang the shit out of it."

One Canadian ginger even took his shirt off, no homo. Needless to say, shenanigans abounded...

Written on a handbook in a lift shack

At the time of this writing, we are currently three days into this stunt-monkey circus waiting for a little PNW liquid sunshine to pass through the area. The plan following the weather is a possible rebate on what I've just this moment decided shall be termed the Snowhenge feature and some large ramps with large options in the next few days.

McNollietini eclipses Snowhenge

Monsters in the making

The renowned 'Scummits' of Government Camp, OR, the 'hood at Hood, are currently home to the likes of Matt Walker, Nick Martini, Andrew Hathaway, Leigh Powis (young British Whistlerite), Dane Tudor, Ben Moxham, Alexis Godbout, John Spriggs, Kaya Turski, and the man CR Johnson steppin back into the scene, as well as a bevy of scribblers, schemers, watchers and recorders. To keep everything appropriately 'hood, homemade tall hoodies are being rocked by many.

What's Kaya lookin at?

This is all probably old news as a flurry of Twitter tweets and blogs have been emanating from Mr. Hathaway and Poor Boyz but here is the full run down. Day one of the official session was spent sessioning Snowhenge under rolling clouds and intermittent snow flurries. The setup saw several attempts to make the elbow transfer, the first by Alexis resulting in a pretty deep snowsnake bite. The afterbang snakes claimed a few victims as well but not enough to shut down the slew of rodeos, 450's, 630's, misties and nollies off of the first up-rail. Day two brought out the jib that shall not be named followed by a 20-foot box setup to cannon riders between two trees and off of a 15-foot cliff. The riders were initially slightly skeptical about the gap but as the session proceeded the vibe approached Karl the Gnarl levels. The tree got tapped, the shot got got and a superman was thrown. Days three and four were shut down by some damp and foggy Northwest weather. Now check these bangers before part two of the coverage rolls out featuring an 87-foot true-table gap jump, the X-jump and whatever jib features time permits...

Everyday hustlin

Alexis Godbout screamin

Andrew Hathaway bangin on the transfer

John Spriggs

Kaya Turski's shifty

Alexis + CR

Nick Martini throws PBP signs

Welcome Leigh Powis

Tree taps out of a cannon. Hath.Walker.Banger.com

Matt Walker

Nick Martini, Superman.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this exciting episode tomorrow, kids!