Interview with Director/Filmer David Peacock, Producer/Athlete Paddy Graham and long time LOS Athlete Sven Kueenle.

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Why is this film the highlight of Legs of Steel so far?

David: I can only speak for myself personally, but I see the film as a progression of what LOS has represented from the start. Bringing storytelling into an action-filled ski-flick was our goal from the beginning, and we all think that we managed to accomplish that!

Sven: Before we started working on Passenger, we sat down and collected all the feedback of the previous projects and really tried to optimize whatever it was we weren't happy with in the past. This approach combined with a motivated and fun crew of athletes, filmers, guides, resorts and sponsors allowed us to really step up what LOS has done so far.

Paddy: It feels like it was all building up to this movie, everything we learnt over the last five years was used in the making of this film. From location choices, prep for trips, special park setups and budgets. Plus we went full gas on everything, there was no holding back!

What is the movie filmed on?

David: We filmed the whole movie in Ultra HD 4K on a few different cameras, primarily the RED Epic. It's a tough camera you can take into the backcountry and put your trust in it. Other rigs we used included a RED Dragon, Shotover and Cineflex stabilization systems, Panasonic GH4 as a quick rig and the Canon 6D for timelapses and behind the scenes. A key part of getting good perspectives on a lot of shoots is being able to shoot from the sky, so having Christoph Thoresen, AKA Drone Boss, join us on some shoots was a really valuable addition as well.

What is your favourite part of the film?

Paddy: That's a tough question, I love the street section with Mack Jones and Rob Heule, it's beautifully shot, the skiing is really creative. I also like the sections we filmed in Europe, the soundtrack, skiing and all the aerial footage really highlight the beauty of home.

Sven: One of our goals was to show a great variety of skiing and therefore the segments are very different from each other. It's hard to pick just one, the New Zealand segment is one of my favourites, it really breaks up the movie and shows more lifestyle and fun. I also really love to watch the AK segment, as it is a great reminder of one of the best trips (if not the best trip) I have ever had skiing.

What was your most memorable day of filming?

David: Our first day out in the mountains of Alaska. That's a place that stands out, no matter where else you've been. The mountains, snow, and general atmosphere out there is truly unique. Combine that with a crew that got things done in the most epic way and you've got the best day in two years of filming.

Sven: Every day on our AK trip seemed like one for the books. I remember one day in particular, we got up at 4:20 a.m., got in the bird just before 6. It really only came down to one zone and two lines each, which we filmed. But those two lines we skied at approx. 7 in the morning I will never forget. I was really hyped to ski this face, even though the sun forced us to do the technical and difficult lines lookers left first. As Smoothy and I got toed in, I remember how we got of the bird, were super stoked, before in serious doubt if the slough will be too gnarly for this technical face. It was intense, scary and the most rewarding feeling afterwards.

Paddy: A couple of days into the Stubai park shoot I caught an edge side-slipping and went down hard, I had a helicopter off the mountain and had surgery a few days later. I was super bummed obviously, but at the same time after all the time and effort we put into the shoot I was so happy to see everyone having a good time and killing it for the final shot, so in my eyes it wasn't all bad.

Which skiers really stand out in the movie?

David: Paddy because of his consistency, Fabian Bösch was an absolute animal in Stubai, Tom Leitner in the Alps and AK...I could list every person for different reasons. We were so #blessed to have guys who were committed and happy to be filming with us.

Sven: To me it really is the movie as a whole and every athlete in it made it what it is. Every section has some highlights and athletes who killed it. To name a few, Paddy in Canada, Bene´s tripple in Zürs, Lentsch and Tom in AK, Trice when ever he puts his skis on, so many athletes killed it at the park shoot in Stubai.

Paddy: Just keep your eyes open during the AK section, the boys killed it up there!

Where can we see the film?

Paddy: You can see the movie for free 'on demand' at on the 16th October for 24h and we'll be releasing the film on iTunes on the 19th.

Sven: Starting in October we will be on a premier tour throughout Europe. To find the dates go to and you can even host your own, just get in touch!