Produced in its entirety in 7 days by 2 people, Parallels is now out for the world to see.

Parallels is a short film that explores parallel moments that we experience when we play in the mountains. Whether you are skiing or snowboarding, lift, sled, or foot access, we all seek the mountains and the pow for the same reasons. From making fresh tracks on the way up and down to our mountain lifestyles, we do the same things but in a different way.

This video was shot for the Telus ski and snowboard festival event, Intersection, sponsored by Drift Innovation. Unfortunately we did not win the event, but we did get our creative vision to a massive audience as we seek to push the conventional sports film world.

In recap of the event, I do not know even where to begin. For 7 days, Athan and I spent 20 hours per day shooting and editing. There was no downtime, that was when we got to sleep. 2 hours here, 2 hours there, then up to go touring. We kept the pace high throughout the whole production process and with 280 hours of work in it, Parallels is the end result of that hard work. I speak for myself, but I’m sure Athan would be on the same page, that after 7 days of the most intense work ever, I felt like a complete zombie. A state I had never ventured into, not through two degrees and 6 years of university did I ever get so worked from relentless work. An experience to remember.

It was a great experience to shoot in this event and kudos to Voleurz for taking the win.

Please spread and share the film with many.