Photo: Paul Octavious

Im going to let you in on a secret. It’s a crazy week for our crew – a perfect storm of several jobs/productions happening all at once. [Including the upcoming 3-Day cjLIVE Broadcast from Capitol Hill Block Party - Tune in! Starts on Friday at 3pm!] It’s just plain hectic hellish busy. Im sure many of you can relate to the feeling – trying to get it all done with 1000 things coming at you at once. Our team is firing on all cylinders right now, working long hours and slugging it out. When we’re busy to this level, sometimes there is a natural tendency to get collectively stressed. But as a group, we’ve made a very conscious decision to lean with it this week. By leaning with it, we’re keeping the stress low and the smiles high. That’s the idea.

As a visual example of this idea, something to picture in your mind when it gets a bit hectic for you, Chicago photographer Paul Octavious has just released a number of new photos as part of his Lean With It series, where he captures people bending in parallel with steeply angled trees. Click through the tabs above to see some examples of what REALLY ‘leaning with it’ looks like.


Thanks for the inspiration Paul. Check out his website here.