There are so many reasons why you should work with Rage this summer and host your own premiere in the fall. If you're in high school and you've had a hard time fitting in, Rage is here to help. We'll help you make money to buy your homecoming tickets, increase your "cool factor" with the ladies or dudes, pay the kid outside 7-11 to hook you up w/ party brews, or even help you dress the "sickest" on the hill by sending you swag that will make every girl/guy in your school notice you. Your premiere in your town, is the answer to social betterment and advancement. For the college kids, booze is expensive, taco time is breaking the budget your parents have given you, you want new skis, but first you have to buy text books, but never fear, Rage is here, not only can you keep the proceeds that you make at the door, but you can drink them away with your buddies at the coolest event in town. All you 20 to 40 something's who wished you could have been a pro skier and have always wanted to be the one who signs autographs, has cool product, represents the best ski film company out there, we're here to save your life, host your own premiere and you can be that guy/girl for one night and one night only.

All in all, Rage wants to help you become rich. We'll help you host your premiere, in your city, on the night you choose, and let you keep the millions that the door often times generates.

Do it, we know you want to.

For more info, email