We're thrilled to return to Outdoor Retailer this year and spent our first day at the show checking out the new skis from some of our favorite brands. As always, we strive to create the most comprehensive ski guide for jib skiers out there, which is continuously updated all season with insights and reviews from our gear team. Check out the 2019 - 2020 Newschoolers Gear Guide, and read up on what we've been riding with our Roofbox Reviews.

Armada Skis:

After a total overhaul of the ARV series for the 18/19 season, they remain unchanged this time around with the exception of a couple new additions– the ARV 84 & ARW 84, entry-level all mountain freestyle twins. There are lots of changes in the BDOG world, with the BDOG featuring a new construction and shape, his Circle Flex tips/tails go along with straight sections in the sidecut to provide maximums surface area when pressing. They've also introduced the BDOG Edgeless– a soft BDog without the steel edges. The Zero Series innovation lab has introduced two new skis, the Declivity X, in collaboration with Chamonix local Tof Henry, as a burly big mountain ride, and the ARG II, with a 133mm waist as the slashiest, surfiest ski that Armada has ever made. Last but not least, the VJJ is back to the women's line.

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Line Skis:

Line Skis is celebrating their 25 years of skiing the wrong way– and they intend to continue to do so for at least another quarter century. This year, there are no changes to many of the skis we love in the park lineup (Blend, Chronic, Honey Badger, Honey Bee, & TW Pro). Additionally, the Pescado, Sakana, Sick Day, and Pandora series are back and unchanged besides a few size additions.

Their most notable changes are in the Eric Pollard Collection. The Mordecai and Magnum Opus have been discontinued and replaced with the Outline, an all-new powder ski. The Sir Francis Bacon has been redesigned, now with a 107mm waist. Both skis include a Convex Base Technology, which loosens the overall feel of the ski when pressure is applied to the tip or tail– meaning they slash, butter, and float better. In the Freeride category, they have added the Vision Collection. It comes in a 108 or 98, and features THC Construction, which combines aramid, carbon, and fiberglass which shaves weight and dampens while providing a smooth ride.

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K2 Skis:

For the 19/20 season, K2's Freestyle line remains unchanged once again. Their Freeride collection sees the addition of an all-new line, the Mindbender Series. With a Titanal Y-Beam in the body of the ski and a Carbon Spectral Braid, expect power underfoot, exceptional maneuverability, and premiere flex from this new collection.

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Faction Skis:

Faction's two main lines, The Candide series, and Prodigy series see mostly updates, with the addition of two women's Candide's. Both Candide 3.0 and 4.0s have an updated lightweight Balsa/ Pachaco core, and the CT 5.0 also has an updated core, rocker curves, and construction to revive the original Candide 4.0. For women, Faction introduced the CT 2.0x and CT 3.0x, the same great men's ski with female-specific lengths and top sheets. The Prodigy 2.0/2.0x see an overhaul, with a wider waist (98mm), new Poplar core, and updated lengths.

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Full Tilt Boots:

Most of Full Tilt's line remains unchanged this year, with an update to the Classic Pro, as well as the addition of three new boots– The Drop Kick Pro, Drop Kick S, and Soul Sister 4. The Classic Pro comes with the Original Shell, and new this year, the Pro Liner. The Classic Pro also sees an upgrade to metal buckles. In the Drop Kick series, Full Tilt has added two new models. First, the Drop Kick Pro, which comes with the Pro Liner rather than the Classic, and is meant to be a more aggressive freestyle boot. The other addition is the Drop Kick S, which comes in a softer flex and smaller size range, and will set up the next generation of rippers for success. Lastly, the women's line grows with the Soul Sister 4, a softer flex boot for the ladies who are new but still looking to get after it.

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Rossignol Skis:

For the 2019/2020 season, Rossignol has focused primarily on two lines of skis: the 7 Series Freeride (featuring Soul 7, Super 7, etc), and the more noteworthy Black Ops collection. They still have yet to release much on the Black Ops (even the release date is TBD), but what we do know is there are a couple new models of the ski– in addition to the Black Ops 118, there is a Black Ops 98, as well as a Black Ops 98W, which we have heard a little about over the last month from Tatum Monod.

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Check back tomorrow for more happenings on day 2!