So, DOSMedia is back this year. Alright, so the free movie is not finished yet, but it is almost done. After pretty much quitting for a few months, I have recently came back and decided that I can not leave this lifestyle. The last few days I have spent countless hours editing and trying to get the movie done. Trust me, it actually is very close to being finished!Yesterday Cameron and I decided to take the sleds out for their first rides of the year. For those of you that dont know, Cameron is now making his own stuff under Visual Collective, but we will still be filming together some. Anyways, we did not anticipate much snow or any powder, but we decided to get the snowmobiles running and ready for the winter.

The sleds waiting to be ridden for the first time this season.After we got them fired up we decided to head out to try to find some things to possibly film. We got over that quickly since we were 2 of 5 people out and there was endless fresh powder to have fun with.
Cameron's sled back in its natural environment and happy!
Cameron riding away to get some pow turns in
Yes, it is deep enough up there to get some decent turns in without hitting covered objects! Thats Cameron btw.
Me just chilling and happy to be back out in the snow. Winter is finally back!!!
Doing a little uphill carving.
Cameron having some fun with Bachelor in the background.All in all it was a pretty fun day yesterday. The first days of the year are usually not the serious ones, but are always fun. We found some decent stuff, so keep checking back for more updates from the Oregon backcountry. More snow is on the way as well! Hope everyone had a good summer, but now the winter is back and its time to do work. -Bentley Atteberry