Today was the Pipe competition at the Aspen Open. The day was going well. I qualified for finals and the weather was holding out nicely with partly blue skies & sun after the weather report predicted snow.In finals, my first hit of my first run boosted me way higher then anticipated (photo #3)... I spun my 540 mute and then barely clipped the deck with my skis and dove into the flats. It was one of the worst falls I have ever taken. I am happy to report that my shoulder is just fine and I walked away with a huge lump on my bum and some bruised ribs. That is it thank goodness!I went up for my second run hopeful, but after my first spin in Run 2, I realized my body was not doing ok. I got away with a few tricks and called it quits... I could hardly breath from the pain. That run placed me in 4th and that was that. It was a great showing of up and coming girls today. I am so very excited to see great things from these lil pipe shredders in the future!This week is R&R and then to Dew Tour. Although I am hopeful about slopestyle, if I still cannot walk normally by sunday, I gotta pull out.  :("Sometimes it is just not your day"