05.45 wake-up call at SAS hotel Oslo Airport, and straight out to the gate to my first leg of the long trip. Oslo – London.

First flight started out pretty bad at first, the aircraft had some technical problems, and we had to swap plane. Fortunately it only took 15 minutes before we were airborn. I had a mellow 3 hour layover in London, and spent the time grabbing an awesome lunch at Pret A Manger. (you should try it sometime)

From London I had re-booked my flight to British Airways, which turned out to be pretty good! Not even full-booked plane, and plenty room for my legs. I took two sleeping-pills just after the dinner, and woke up just 3 hours before arriving Denver. Just enough time to watch Roger More in an old James Bond movie! Perfect!

Airport. Heathrow.

Not even stressed and tired after the long trip. I got my baggage at once, and the passport-controll was quick. It had to be something wrong when everything worked out perfect right?


Well 1,5 hour after getting my baggage and after a whole episode of Chuck in the shuttle, they got a message saying the I-70 was closed half-way up to Frisco. (Main road to Frisco/Breck/Keystone). So instead of 1 hour 45 minutes, it took 6 hours from Denver up to Frisco. I can say it was more than awesome to go to sleep after that 27 hour long day.