Since the late ‘70s,

Original Watermen’s lifeguard shorts have been proven to be a favorite in the

lifeguard industry. Starting with the company’s first lifeguard shorts being

sold to local Carlsbad watermen, then to California State Parks and now

outfitting over 1,900 organizations worldwide, this equipment has been put to

the test.

Our popular line of

Retro Lifeguard Shorts is our most

streamlined cut. Lifeguards love the fit because of the super soft Cool plus

Liner instead of a mesh liner, which prevents chaffing. And of course, they are

popular because of their five inch inseam. For the more conservative, we also have

longer lifeguard shorts and boardshorts that will keep your agency comfortable,

quickly dry, and are stylish. The Watermen Pro Lifeguard Boardshort is

preferred by more than 75,000 lifeguards around the world.

Not to leave our

waterwomen out, our line of women’s lifeguard shorts are just as elite. Our just-as-popular

Elasta Girl Super Stretch Short is 100% poly microfiber and is a four-way Super

Stretch short. The new stretch short fabric is the next wave of technology for lifeguard shorts and boardshorts alike,

upgrading trends from previous nylon and microfiber materials. We also make

women’s lifeguard shorts that are specifically made based on what California

guards asked for – shorts that are quick drying, unbinding, and that can be

worn as a cover short as well.

With Original

Watermen’s apparel, you can rest easy that living in your watermen lifeguard

shorts will be the most comfortable ones out there. Sure, our lifeguard shorts

have cargo pockets designed to accommodate MTS and XTS series Motorola radios,

but throw a cell phone in there instead and you have a pair of shorts so

comfortable you can run all your errands in them too – and head straight to the

beach or pool.

At Original Watermen,

we strive to have the most resilient lifeguard

shorts in the industry. When the trunks you wear are your everyday uniform,

you need to know that you’re not going to lose them to – or in – the water.

Other brands of shorts can lose their color or shape, among other boardshort

fatalities that will make your lifeguards extremely uncomfortable. But when you

are in the industry of saving lives, you know what other lifeguards are looking

for and what they need to be comfortable in their lifeguard shorts throughout

their 15-hour days.