Orford Freeriders Celebrates 5th Winter of Independence

We heard with a lot of enthusiasm that our precious home mountain will survive one more winter. The directors of Mont-Orford still support our team. Thank you !

Team OFR, the biggest Freeskiing and Snowboarding team in Quebec province, continues is training activities at Mont-Orford this 2010-2011 season. Like every year since 2006, fall is for us the big recruiting time. Freeskiers and snowborders, this is your chance to be part of our big family ! See our website or Facebook for registration form. You will gain confidence, meet some new friends and obviously get better and be able to stump more tricks. OFR coaches the young and older guys and girls in a secure environment. We want you to progress without injuries by limiting the risk and make a good progression.

Props to our bros in Quebec city, for following the Movement ! The D-Team and Phil Belan started their own Freeskiing team at Le Relais, Lac Beauport. Our mission is to promote the industry to those who don’t know about us. We want the sport to be seen by everyone. For that, we keep presenting a lot of freestyle event for the upcoming season :

• November 13th, 2010 Chase That Feeling premiere Microbrasserie Magog

• November 19th, 2010 Rail Jam - Oberson Quartier DIX30 Brossard

• December 18th, 2010 Grilly Cheesy Jiby Mont-Orford (Magog)

• March 5th & 6th, 2011 Golden Crown OFR Mont-Orford (Magog)

• March 12th & 13th, 2011 MOB Illusion Mont-Orford (Magog)

All our work and efforts will be worthless without the help of our sponsors : Colt Ressources, IGA Gazaille Magog, Orage, Illusion sports, Le Pied Sportif, D-Structure, New-Schoolers.com, Camoplast et bien sûr l’équipe du Mont-Orford. Thank you very much for your help

Informations @ http://www.teamofr.com, team_ofr@hotmail.com, Frédéric P Simard : 514-971-3006.