Turner and I made a few stops since we left early enough from Spokane.  Turner was busy on Facebook where he found our Friends Mike and Damian were on the LA news.  Quite a rare opportunity, Usually you have to commit a brutal murder to experience that.  


         I have driven past this Tree farm so many times and have always wanted to stop here.  Turner was down so we ran around the forest, took some Eric Pollard Lifestyles, and screamed like girls when we saw huge spiders.

This forest is spooky, I am glad we passed it during the day time


Turner is dwarfed by this tree farm, these trees are 12 years old and huge

Running away from the Spiders, This forest does not have Big Foots or mythical creatures…. Just an abrasive amount of spiders

Turner had time to play kendama before he found the spiders lare

Stone Hedge Replica, a site to see along the columbia

This is a perfect replica, the one in England looks like This