At Orage we know that there are crews of kids everywhere going off and not necessarily hitting the comp scene. The Orage Masters Video Challenge is a concept that gives anyone with a digi and some editing skills the opportunity to showcase their talent regardless of age, where they live, etc. The sport is blowing up all over the place in the States, in Canada, Europe and we want to see the athletes in their element, in their hometown gettin' it done.

Anyone interested in taking part in the challenge is invited to submit a 4 min segment of themselves. We'll be taking 2 winners, 1 from Canada and 1 from the U.S., to this year's Orage Masters in Mammoth, CA, that’s one filmer and one athlete from each of the two chosen winners.

The best video will be judged according to overall impression, including but not limited to; style, creativity, skill and humor. The winners will get flown out, be allowed to session the course during practice with best pros on the globe and will crash with the Orage Global Team; JP Auclair, Julien Regnier, Chris Turpin, John Symms, and Iannick B. in the Team condo for the weekend.

We know you're out there and you've got's your chance to prove it.