Montreal, Wednesday January 15, 2005

Throughout our travels in Europe we quickly realized that there is a ton of undiscovered athlete talent. Freeskiers laying it down with very few there to witness it. These athletes have a serious need for exposure, and we made it our mission to provide that exposure. Orage Jumpopotamus was created to do just that. We’ve partnered with Laax, the premier European mountain for terrain park capability and vision, to bring you yet another anti-comp style event.

The concept behind Jumpopotamus is simple. Invite 4 Magazines from various countries, give them 3 slots to fill with the best young and undiscovered talent and shoot them to their heart’s content. Orage and Laax will take the responsibility of providing a world-class arena to capture the best footage possible and put everybody up at the Rider’s Palace Hotel for the week.

Dark Summer (UK), Skiing The Next Level (GER), Weski (Fra), and Freeskier (USA), 4 of the most progressive ski magazines from around the world have accepted our invitation and are packing their gear and the best up-and-comers they know.

To top it all off Orage is bringing Oren Tanzer and Mike Gerstner of the famed, Unbound Terrain Park in Mammoth Mountain, CA. Arguably the best builders and visionaries of terrain park features, Oren and Mike will work along side the crew at Laax to make sure the marquee feature on the glacier, the park, and the pipe are all as close to perfection as possible.

The first Orage Jumpopotamus will take place from March 20th to March 25th, 2005 at Laax, Switzerland.

Orage… supporting athletes and industry since 1989.

***Stay tuned to and for more info.