It was a bitterly cold day at Camp Fortune near Ottawa on Febryary 15th, as a couple dozen competitors tried their turn at winning $5,000 in prizes. The temperature froze in at -26 degrees celcius, with a strong wind coming on from the North. The saving grace was the bright sun shining down without a cloud in the sky.

The competition had two divisions: Under 16, and everyone else. The junior category was decided with the last jump, as Jeremy Lemieux inched out Mike Cavanagh by a mere 0.4 points. The senior category had an odd finish. The two competitors on top going into the final jump didn't even make the top 5, as both riders crashed hard. In the end Mark Crichton took first place with a lincoln loop 180. Up and comer Derek Drysdale, who was nailing styled out corked 9 safeties in practise was unable to come through in the finals, ending up with a seventh place finish.

At the end of the day, everyone went home happy as every competitor present was given a price by a huge industry supporter, Orage. Two pairs of skis were given out by Volkl and Line, and over $1,000 in cash was disbursed.

Final Results:


1. Jeremy Lemieux (41.5 pts.)

2. Mike Cavanagh (41.1 pts.)

3. Tyler Lillico (39.9 pts.)

4. Scott Lemay (39.5 pts.)

5. Bryan Snow (38.3 pts.)

6. Steve Young (27.9 pts.)

7. Joel Prentice (16.5 pts.)

8. Connor Grinnell (DNS in finals)


1. Mark Crichton (47.0 pts.)

2. Taylor Ramsay (46.4 pts.)

3. Pat Cadieux (44.6 pts.)

4. Mark Kersten (37.4 pts.)

5. Brendan Wilson (36.2 pts.)

6. Andrew Bredt (35.2 pts.)

7. Derek Drysdale (34.9 pts.)

8. Tyler Schram (31.2 pts.)

9. Patrick Laplante (26.4 pts.)

10. Justin Senecal (20.8 pts.)


Pictures and videos provided by Paul Stanisci. More pictures to follow.

Sorry about the bad video quality.. it was REALLY cold out.



Corked 7

Corked 9 or 10

360 Safety

Derek's Final Run: Corked 9 bail