We talk a lot about creativity on this website. Innovators are idolized, weirdness has a cult following. It’s one of my favourite aspects of skiing that alongside absolute heaters like the Faction Collective’s latest, there are kids and pros alike discovering new ways of throwing old tricks, and coming up with brand new shit, every day.

On the east coast, snow-starved shreds improvise their takeoffs and wind up stomping lincolns like you wish you could stomp lincolns.


Last year, the edit Half Cash Half Dog blew my mind. And I don’t mean to be flip using that cliche. It genuinely floored me and is probably my most-watched since then. I was therefore thrilled when ABM dropped Mammoth feat ABM Vink$ Noah a week ago. It’s stocked with hammers and all kinds of creative hits, but what really stand out are mute grabs out of rails (see 1:08). You don’t see that everyday, and they serve as a reminder that it’s always good to reach back into the trick bag for a new take on a classic.


And then there’s this Finnish kid (of course he’s Finnish) tossing a Caribou 810 off the knuckle. It’s a trick you usually see as a setup for a rail hit, but Eliad adds another layer by incorporating it into a spin, especially off the knuckle.


Creativity feeds this pastime we all love and I think it’s a good idea to keep in touch with the cutting edge. It’s not always about doing something nobody’s ever done either. So often, the coolest move is a fresh approach to an old favourite. Stay weird out there, and never hesitate to reach back for inspiration.