In this does, touches besides the correspondence controls the pen operation, moreover also simultaneously corresponds the pressed key operation, therefore plays the family to be possible according to own to like. In the game carries on the way basically Age of Conan Power Leveling, although uses the instruction system choice form, but carries on along with the game, will have all kinds of event picture as well as “the 3D investigation”, “the testimony investigation” and so on each kind of special operator schema, will play the family to search the evidence clue in these patterns, will take advantage of this unties the riddle to carry on the story development. Moreover in game, also “the famous spy tan oak south” famous spying stage prop including in which Age of Conan Power Leveling, for example will play the family in the game, may use “spies the badge” to exchange the information mutually perhaps to unite efforts together unties the event, and will challenge in two works the strongest rank criminal! this begins publication together as Japanese weekly youth Sunday and the weekly youth Magazine two cartoon magazines for the commemoration the 50th anniversary commemoration AoC Power Leveling, therefore from respective serializes in the work to choose the Japanese two big human spirit spying writings separately .