Jason: The trip started off with us

leaving Reno early in the morning, JJ took the first shift behind the

helm of the Moment Skis Chevy Pickup.

JJ: My trip to Utah began with a 167$ ticket in the middle of no

where. While Tahoe and Utah are both beautiful, in between there is

nothing but desert, a sea of salt flats and a highway.

Jason: We arrived to my friend Ryan Moore’s house that

evening, watched some ski movies and kicked back some beers before

heading to bed after a long day of driving.

JJ: Our first day we spent in Park City. This resort is pretty

big and it had an immaculate park. Their rails were setup perfect, and

the jump line had just the right kick to them.

Jason: We took a couple runs through the park before

grabbing my camera so I could snap some shots of JJ. This was JJ’s

first time to a mountain like Park City, with multiple terrain parks

and a large quantity of features. Needless to say, he had fun. The

weather was not in a cooperating mood and made taking pictures

difficult, with the lighting changing every few minutes.


JJ Down Rail

JJ likes to spin...

...and slide boxes...

...even boxes that resemble rainbows

Jason: After shooting at PC we headed

back to my friend Ryan Moore's place in Sugarhouse to find him not back

from watching a competition earlier that day and the place locked up.

What does one do in Sugarhouse when you can't go inside? Build

snow-things of course! On the left of the picture you can see my

SnoWizard complete with a staff and on the right is JJ's Bear.

Wizards aren't supposed to have ski poles

JJ: Day two was the main reason we came to Utah. The Freeskier

buyers guide demo for backcountry skis was held at Solitude. The resort

is small and doesn’t really have a park but the tree skiing and hikes

are prime. On any day you can hike and ski lines hear that at any other

resort would be permanently closed all year.

Jason: Solitude quickly became on of my favorite places

to ski, the amount of terrain at this resort was unbelievable, and it

was virtually empty the two days we were there. Although many runs were

tracked out, one could still find fresh snow from the last storm in the

trees after a little traversing.

JJ: Day two was the main reason we came to Utah. The Freeskier

buyers guide demo for backcountry skis was held at Solitude. In most

places the terrain is steep and spread out with random pillow lines

everywhere making it the best tree skiing I’ve ever been in.

JJ Buttering a small cliff


JJ Relaxing

Jason: After taking pics all day

at Solitude, we decided to call it and head back to Reno that night.

With me in the drivers seat, JJ used the opportunity to snap some

photo's of our return voyage. One thing that he pointed out were the

abundance of factories, many of which were deserted.

It's easy to find your way home from SLC

Jason: The following pictures are direct from Super Mario World, but I can't remember which level. Does anyone know what this is?

If you look closely you can see a 1-up in the tree

Jason: It's a long drive from Salt Lake City to Reno,

but one I would gladly do again to visit the mountains there. Shortly

before crossing  the Utah/Nevada Border JJ took this picture of the

sunset. Thanks goes out to everyone who let us crash with them while we

in town.

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