Haha...so. There are different crew's on each mountain right?? well, these are all kids who I used to ski on the "Big Mountain Freestyle Team" with. They all still do it, I haven't been a member for 4 years or so. Maybe I'm just a bad person for laughing, because they can't help it. But man. Tell me, am I wrong to do so?

The bigger kid on the left is David Steele. A name the kid does not deserve. That's a porno grade name, and he's definately still a virgin. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just he's kind of fat, stupid, and lame. My personal favorite trick of his is a no-pole, almost made the grab truckdriver in the halfpipe, at a max boost of like 3-4 feet out. Sick. Maybe the 5 years I skiied on a team with him made me hate him.

I'm not sure who the snowboarder who is trying to join the WWF is, but I'm sure he likes men. In a sexual way.

The kid in the yellow is colin. Funny story about him. David and Colin like to galavant in Davids minivan. Together, at late hours of the night. They camp out in the back of it together to get first chair. I sleep in my nice comfy bed, and just wake up early. One day, when I drove up, they were getting up, yet there were no sleeping bags. Just one blanket and two pillows. Curious. Colin also does stuff like this:


And Jennifer. She's the one who originally posted the first picture. She's on the far right. With the gross shorts. She's pretty much just not cool, but during ski season, calls me, or messages me online, or on NS 3-4 times a day, to see if I'll go skiing with her. I always decline, and then she calls me a dick. I mean, here's a close up:

what does she think I am? Desperate? I don't date 16 year old girls, especially ones who look like Ellen Degeneres. Gross.

All in all, I'm a bad person, and when hiking in Glacier park, you should look more like this:

than the picture of the FAB 4 at the top of this post.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell, but I'm bored, and all four of those people irritate me. :D