Kids in tall tees and over sized must be that time of the year again. Well yet another season here on the EC coast starts...with a splash in true EC fashion, with mother nature pouring down as the event at Georgian College in Barrie Ontario was expected to start. With the sound of snowboarders dragging their boards against the pavement to rub even any kind of edge that would have settle over the winter it was clear that everyone was stoke for the beginning of the new season. The event scheduled to start at 11, got under way shortly after 12 due to the rains. Due to the conditions the box's looked similar to a slip in slide rather than a jib obstacle.

Skiers and boarders actiously wait for first round to start

Nonetheless a few Guinea pigs were sent down the box, and after they survived the hit, the event organizers decided it was time to start. You Ontario skiers might recongnize these two features from MSLM, they were a flat down and a urban-style shotgun, a great setup for the first event of the year.

Organizers salvage what is left of the snow after a good shower

The event attracted a strong crowd for the first event of the season and despite the horrendous weather conditions, still enjoyed themselves. As well there was a strong contingent of company tents set up, which were filled with people as the skys opened up.

The majority of the field of athletes were snowboarders but that didnt stop the dozen or so skiers that showed up from one-upping the boarders. The event consisted of three heats each lasting about 30 mins, in jam format, meaning impressing the judges could be done in one steezed out trick.

Respect to the judges, they had one of the harders jobs

Due to craptacular warm and wet temps inbetween heats a crew of first year ski operation students and other organizers would take a pickup of snow and patch up the landings and take-offs.

The Georgian crew do a great job of keeping the features well packed with snow

The hay barrels on the sides of the features took the biggest beating (besides the girl snowboarders who went chest first into the side of the box because of lack of speed). But besides the bails on the hay everyone was enjoying the set up. The annoucer was enjoying himself, almost a little to much so, but kept the crowd entertained by giving the crowd commentary throughout the event.

Commentator of shits and giggles

Shots from the first round:

Skiers slayed all day everyday

To cool for school grab on the rail

Second round shots:

He killed it all day long

Tall tee and tight jeans, neither are my style but this guy easily could have been placed in the top three

Jamieson keeping it on lockdown

Third Round:

The judges look on, as they have to make some very difficult decisions

After the decision of who would move on, the skiers and boaders were divided up between girls and guys and one plank or two. The skiers and boarders were given two runs each. The snowboarders went first, making a dismal apperance which gave the commentator much shits and giggles claiming anytrick would win in, and finally there were one or two made. And then came the skiers, they came harder than anyone had expected in a full out train stomping their tricks leaving the crowd stunned, they were absouletly killing it, the tricks kept one upping each other till there were only two riders left at the top of the drop in"

A simple rock paper scossors match finallizes that Jamieson will have the last run of the day

The announcer wanted a 270 on pretzel 2 out, and Jamieson dilivered

The judges then tallied their votes and announced their winners.

Snowboard winners, if anyone know their names tell me

Ski Winners: Jamieson (Jaymo), Sandy(Bovilla) and Coal

And of course best trick went to....

Jamieson of course, stoked on the snowboard he won

Watch out for the kid, he is one of Ontarios up and commers for sure.

I'd like to thanks the people at Georgian college for making everything happen, although the rain sucked it was a great first jam of the year and i think everyone enjoyed themselves. Big thanks to Rob for transportation and some great shots of snowboarders asses.... and of course as soon as we hit the road the clouds lifted and it was bright and sunny.