Well you know there are numerous ways to reaching 99 ranged in RS. However, this guide will show you ways in which you can get fast ranged. Also, when you get a ranged lv, look to see if you can wear any new arrows or bows so you can go to the grand Exchange to buy them. By the way, longbows are bad for training? bad for anything in that l this phase is very easy. All you have to do for now is buy some arrows and a bow and kill chickens by some skills, If you are a low leveled player, picking up the feathers would not be a bad idea.10-20 By now, you should try getting some ranged amount. Use what you can wear. For now, just range some cows in the cow fields. Again, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to pick up the cowhides. Might be needed for later in the game where you really need cash for some ranged to 20-30 Well during this stage you can keep ranging cows until 30 if you want. You can also try ranging mina tours in the stronghold of security.. Anyways, this is pretty good xp/hour.30-50 Members- Rock crabs and Moss giants are pretty good choices for runescape power leveling. They have a good amount of hp and low offensive and defensive stats (at least that goes for the rock crabs).F2p- Well you guys are pretty much limited to Moss giants. Though, It’s pretty hard to find a good spot to range them since they’re almost always populated.50-60 Members- Well now you have a bit more options.

You can choose to complete the quests to enter King Latha training camp so you can ranged the Ogres. They’re pretty idea; the downside is that it’s hassle to pick up your arrows since the ogres are caged. Plus, people might call you a nook for doing so. People can also try fire giants, although i wouldn?t recommend it. They have really high hp but can be annoying if they hit you (they hit pretty hard) and their defense isn’t low either. You can get good drops from them, though. If you want to buy RS power leveling. You guys can also decide to continue with rock crabs. You guys can continue with the Moss giants since they’re really your best at this moment. However, if you decide it’s getting boring you can move onto lesser demons. Mostly to save up for the amount of money you might spend depending on later choices.IwcF2p- I love how i don’t have to type in much for you guys :P. Well, this is where you should start killing lesser. You guys should really get members. It makes your life so much easier Also, you can continue with Mosses. Here you can get cheap Runescape power leveling and professional runescape account service , We also offer runescape item service ,our delivery is very fast and we are 24 hours online , if you want to place an order please feel free to contact us !