In a press release a few hours ago, 2 OG ski resorts from Norway, Hovden Alpinsenter, and Kongsberg Skisenter, have stated that they will be requiring anyone that is skier or riding to wear a helmet. Hovden is the same resort that installed the infamous Jerry Trap.

Some aren't totally sold on the mandatory helmet law. "We are skeptical of injunction as a tool. We think attitude campaigns are what works best, "says Chairman of the Alpine Parks Association, Andreas Smith-Erichsen. Daniel Schanning, of Hovden Skisenter stated that he thinks "it is very important to reduce head injuries," and that over 70% of the annual head injuries could be prevented with a helmet.

While this isn't entirely new, it certainly is interesting. All UK domes require patrons to rock a helmet as does Mount St. Louis in Ontario and all other Ontario resorts (only in the park) and Vail Resorts has all employees wear a helmet when on-hill.

No other Norwegian resorts have stated that they are implementing a resort-wide helmet requirement although NSer is reporting Kongsberg Skisenter will also be making helmets mandatory.