The level of skiing in the final round entries for the One Of Your Days competition was frankly ridiculous. The prize of a trip to Verbier to shred with Candide himself was clearly a big draw and the resulting work put in to each and every one of the edits was clear to see. The judging, split 1/3rd each between a NS panel, a public vote and Candide himself was no easy task. Bernie Rosow, the winner from round one went hard with crazy spots and silky smooth trickery. Ben Mcilroy definitely deserves an special mention since he clearly had no access to snow but still put out a banger. But in the end there could only be one winner... Carter McMillan.

"We had to pick a winner between the skiing and creativity.

Everybody put in such a good effort and I¹m amazed at the level of


Well done everyone!

Congratulations Carter, see you in Verbier"

- Candide

Congratulations Carter. You killed it and you're still alive. What now? Get your passport ready, we're flying you to Verbier, Switzerland and putting you up for 5 days of hardcore skiing. Throw in a box of gear from Quiksilver Snow and Faction Ski's and you just scored the snow trip of lifetime.

To check out the rest of the entries, and trust me every single one is worth a watch, head over to: