This weeks post is a bit of an odd one, as my university as of last Thursday is on strike. That means 50,000 students are not getting a post-secondary education they are paying for. Living in rez in fairly boring with no class, but we manage to entertain ourselves. Further on in the post i will explain how to access American content online for those of us who are not Americans...i know random post but lets move on. So i basically broke it into two, strike and on-line internet watching. If you have any better ways to do the things that i mention please post in the comments to help others.



Now on to another topic. I have been asked quite a few times by friends

and on here how to access American content. It happens ever so often

that someone posts a link to a video, and it is linked to websites such

as comedy central or Now i have discovered one way that has

helped me pass the time in university, where torrents are not necessarily an option.

What i am talking about is basically would be the time to

go to google and type in "define: proxy" for all of you who don't know

what they are. But in general terms the program i will talk about

allows you to basically cover you "IP" (again if you don't know what

an IP is its basically a number assign to your computer and it holds

information such as your it for more info)

Anyways it takes an American IP address and uses that as your so for

any server trying to connect with you computer, it thinks you are

located in the US. Thus if you log on to a site like if you

are Canadian, you would be able to watch all the videos.

Here is the program, it is called Hotspot Shield. You can download it here:

If anyone has other ways to do this feel free to share in the comments.

Just a heads up, proxies are a bit slower, since they have to go

through another IP, but most people should have a solid enough internet for it to work fine.

Lastly for all you college/ university students who seem to have so

much time on yours hands, i have found an amazing site, by far the best

online video site, you can stream it from the website or download it.

The quality is DVD quality, and they even have HD and Blueray. They

pretty much all TV shows and some movies. Best of all it works for

everyone, just make sure you have the divix plugins installed, although

it should prompt you to do that before. Just remember that you have to

open to video applet pop-up. Check it out here:

If you have questions about pithier of the two two links i posted and how they work just make a comment and ill do my best to help you out.



So this strike, which has been going on for just under a week has meant that all classes have stooped. The reason for the strike is of course....MONEY...yes everyone seems to want to get as much of it as possible latley. But its not the professors, its the TA's. I am not here to pick sides, but honestly i just wish it would get resolved, as i really dont want this to cut into my winter holiday and summer periods. Last time there was a strike (i believe 6 years ago) it lasted 11 weeks, so i think i might be looking for a job soon. Anyways i thought i would just update  everyone who hadn't heard.

CUPE 3903 is the union representing the TA's- first day of the strike

I will leave with some pictures of the week i took at the OUA soccer final between Laurier university and York university.

Take care and have a great week.

-Pippin Lee