With our first event at ASU under our belts we said our goodbyes and hit the road again. Flagstaff was our first stop of the weekend to hit the mountain and capture some footage of not only boarding, but testing out some sponsor gear. I hiked up the terrain park, gear in hand, ready to hit a box with a 140 pound max snow scooter from Railz USA. I weigh 185 pounds. I hopped on the wobbly cruiser and hit a box with very little composure. Steadily stomped a 50-50 for the first two inches, tried to gather my footing, and ended up going head over heels off to complete my test run. After ten or so failed attempts we made the trek back to the bus and hit the road again for Tucson. Little sleep and lots of energy drinks fueled the six hour drive and we rolled into town around ten at night to get some sleep and recover for our first day of promoting at U of A. Im sorry U of A’ers but I have to give a shout out to my awesome students and friends at ASU for being far more welcoming and friendly! All hope is not lost with my morale high approaching build day tomorrow. Anticipating one of our largest crowds on tour and the hottest weather so far, I’m ready to get the event underway. No doubt in my mind this will be another day to remember on a tour that has surpassed all expectations and continuously blown my mind. Love the crew, love my job, love my life.

peace guys and gals, GMFB for life!

Snow scooter FAIL