“On The Come Up” is a series in which we highlight an up and coming skier each week. Some of you may recognize them but for many, the name won’t ring a bell. Either way, one thing’s for sure, you’re going to be hearing a lot more of that name in the near future.

This week’s installment is a first, and hopefully a good one at that. For the most part, this series has been featured around park skiers, as much of Newschoolers can become saturated with. With this, we hope to start encapsulating the broader wealth of freeskiers climbing the ranks, ranging from the streets, to the parks, and even reaching to the bigger mountain terrain. It was only natural that Nash Lisac seemed like a good place to start.


Park or pow? That’s the question. The question almost every freeskier encounters at some time in their life. There are obvious pros to each side and this can often trip people up in how to spend their time on the mountain. No stranger to the predicament, this week's featured rider Nash Lisac informed us of his transfer from skiing park to pretty much solely skiing the natural terrain these days, “The transition for me really started when I was senior in high school. All my friends that I use to hot lap park with graduated and moved off to college (shout out to Cameron and Will). That winter I started off lapping park by myself and realized how for me park is kinda boring without all your friend yelling and pushing you on, and or giving you shit when you eat shit. So I started to explore the mountain, and in that had a realization that being able to do all the stuff you do in the park on natural terrain brought me much more appreciation for the places I was skiing. Then moving out to Montana was the biggest nail in the coffin, with all the terrain out here there was no way I going to spend my time in the park. I wanted to go learn and discover the mountain. Please don't get me wrong, I still love park skiing with all my heart. Being from Oregon there is nothing like taking public park hot laps will ALL the homies in the summer, or swinging through the park on the last lap to the car.”

The Oregonian now residing in Montana is taking advantage of all the great north has to offer. His cut from last season is pretty damn impressive, not to mention it was his first year in that neck of the woods. Dub backies, cliffs, and even some bumps, this dude’s got it all. And if you thought getting out of the park took a blow to his bag of tricks, think again, he whips a seven over a car for good measure.


Nash Lisac 2015-2016

One of the reasons I initially noticed Nash’s skiing is because of the Carnage Crew. Living up to the Bozeman legacy, these boys get rowdy. The edits are gold. The type of skiing that makes you think, “why the hell am I sitting at a computer screen when I could be out there myself?” Here’s what Nash had to say the crew was all about, “Okay, let's get this on the record. This whole crew started as a joke, we got bored, had at t3i and a fisheye, and wanted to film the boys just skiing the mountain. We kept making the videos because they were a freakin blast to make, filming is the best part of it. It's just all about the fun of it. I don't know, if I had to sum up what we think we are all about, it would probably be beer, yelling, hitting cat tracks, classic rock, and speed.” Just good, clean fun… smash em’ up.



Coming off a win of the Red Bull Bracket Reel and getting sent to Alaska last year, as well as making it up to BC this winter, it looks like Nash is going to stick pretty local for the rest of the season. Looking forward to seeing more shots of this rider get after it in Montucky.