“On The Come Up” is a series in which we highlight an up and coming skier each week. Some of you may recognize them but for many, the name won’t ring a bell. Either way, one thing’s for sure, you’re going to be hearing a lot more of that name in the near future.

This kid has been consistently killing it for so damn long, it’s about time he got some real exposure. Hot off the Pats win, we got ourselves a Masshole for this week’s installment of ‘On The Come Up.” Although if you’ve seen him ski before, it’s likely that he was destroying the standout orange rails of New Hampshire’s Loon Parks.

Growing up with two older brothers who ski as well, he credits them as playing a large role in his skiing over the years. “I have been constantly pushed to try new things. When I first got into park skiing it was a competition between the three of us of who landed what tricks. As we got older they continued to feed me positive vibes and tell me what tricks would be worth trying. My brothers have probably been the strongest influence on my skiing.” Catching on to the wizard tricks early, he's had some of the craziest hippy killer and step over variations I've seen. But uncharacteristic for an east coaster, he doesn’t just get super tech on the rails, the kid goes big on jumps too. His style is fast and heavy, cruising open jacket and continuously stomping the shit out of every trick.


Jack Finn // 15-16

Jack Finn knows how to walk a thin line. He brings humor to edits without compromising the legitimacy of his skiing. It’s a laugh one clip and a “that was nuts” the next. This is most likely a result of spending time with all the boys of TSC, one of skiing’s greatest underground crews. Here’s what Jack had to tell us of the crew, “The Spread Crew is a group of people that have fun and get rowdy on the slopes. The crew continues to stay close but the lack of squad edits is due to people moving around all over the place. Hopefully more crew edits will drop in the future.”


Loon Xtreme

The east vs. west is a valid debate because they both have noteworthy features in and of themselves. But when it comes to moving from one to another, things get a little complicated. There are guys who grew up skiing a miniscule hill their whole life on the east, only to move west after high school and absolutely blow up. There are others who follow suit, but fall along the wayside of the already exceptional skiers. On the other hand, there is something to be said for the skiers who choose to stick around. In some cases, they further solidify themselves as a loyal ice coast skier and make a name for themselves amongst the rest of ‘em. Being a senior in high school, it’s clear Jack is going through the motions of this dilemma, “As of now I'm between a few options for the years to come. I'm thinking about a gap year next year out west in order to ski as much as possible and get some real world experience. If that plan doesn't go through I've got two main schools in mind, U Denver and UVM. Deciding whether I want to move out west or stay on the east coast is tough for me.”


Jack has always been a ripper, so it's about time the people recognize. With plans to compete some and film a bunch the remainder of this season, things are gonna get good. I suspect the skiing will continue to wow in the years to come, but whether that's on the east or the west is an answer for next time.