Putting the finishing touches on the On Deck video today at Park City.

Lastly, I think a point should be made about the work ethic of the SagaFam. I have seen so many people come through the warehouse in this busy time just to lend Dan and Sean a hand getting all the orders out. It further proves that everyone is on this team for a reason and it goes without saying that we would not be a brand without their continued hardwork, on and off hill. Whether it is Nicky Keefer getting the worst jobs (cleaning the bathroom, fridge, anything with a scent) to Euler, Stepp and Barnes coming through and setting up a shipping assembly line. Tim Durtschi even has a few seasons of shipping under his belt. The SagaFam is no clever title, it is the true representation of how everyone in this project is connected, the word “team” would simply be an understatement. I have to give a shout out to everyone, athletes and office the same, thanks for all the hard work and dedication. The future is bright on our side.