So here I am listening to Cherry by Ratatat...some amazing stuff I suggest listening to it in the dark when you're like super tired it'll change your life haha so yea saw "Hard 2 Earn" MFM's new movie. Went to the primeire pretty epic, free lobster dinner...NO BIG. oh yea to top it all off met MFM himself (ian knows him through Monavie) flows dylan a copy of the new movie autographed and EVERYTHING hahaha so dylan was pretty much shaking he was so stoked.

So Ian doesn't really wanna get involved with this blog so me and dylan (he's gonna be writing too) are just gonna  sit here and make fun of him. Although he's a pretty sick skier rides for Arson and our shop TMC Freeriderz ( check the link fool!) dylan just got here so he's looking to build some connections in the snowboard scene on the westcoast and neither do I but TMC helps me out like no other. Kinda wanted to rep a company this winter. I can land cork 7's, backflips, K-feds, and Bio 7's to name a few but lack of footage and comp placement kinda messed over that whole plan. We'll be releasing edits throughout the year so check for those.

So there goes my weekend back to workin at Helly Hansen. Check me on twitter @the_magic_1 ....phones bust so updates will be a lil fewer than normal

peace all