Interview by Jeff Schmuck

How’s things Dorey?

Things are fantastic. It’s session 4 right now at Momentum and the weather has been really nice and it’s supposed to get even nicer. It’s not too hot right now and the visibility has been good so that’s really all you need.

photo: Jeff Schmuck

What’s been your favorite part of summer camp so far?

Probably just meeting new kids every day and watching them learn and stomp tricks for their first time. Seeing how stoked they get is a pretty cool feeling.

...and speaking of stoked, check out how stoked Dorey is here.

How’s the lane been going?

The lane has been awesome this year. We’ve got three jumps right next to the t-bar, a small, medium and a large and they’re all super fun. The medium and the large aren’t too big, so they’re just perfect for learning stuff. And over in the far lane where High North used to be we have a 110-foot stepdown into a 85-foot stepover, which look sick, but I haven’t hit them yet because I’m just getting back into it after I tweaked my knee the other day.

photo: Jeff Schmuck

How is your knee feeling? You were having troubles with it all year.

Well it was feeling almost 100% but then I was at the gym the other day and I twisted kind of funny while I was doing biometrics and it just popped. It felt like I was right back at square one and I was really scared I had completely re-injured it, but that was about a week ago and now it’s already starting to feel better so I’ve been starting to hit the jumps again.

photo: Jeff Schmuck

How was your season? You had a pretty damn good year.

I had a wicked season. My goal was to become a lot more consistent at contests and I feel I accomplished that. I ended up competing a lot and got some decent results so I’m super happy with my year.

Euro Open. photos: cko

What about next year? You have that stellar pipe run that you put down at Euro Open that a lot of people, myself included, have been claiming is one of the sickest pipe runs they’ve ever seen.

Yeah but next year I’m going to have to ramp it up a bit because everyone else is ramping it up, so it’ll be an interesting season. So I’m going to go down to New Zealand in a few weeks to learn some new stuff to help me prepare, and then next winter I’ll be competing almost every weekend from late December until April. I’m going to do all the same contests I did this year plus the Dew Tour, which is going to be huge. X-Games and Dew Tour are definitely my most important contents and my main focus and I’m obviously going to try to do as many World Cups as possible as well. So basically just a ton of competing and then I’ll probably shoot with Level 1 at the end of the season again to try to get some park shots.

photo: cko

Do you get some filming done this year?

Yep, I went on two shoots with Level 1. The first one was right before WSI at Winter Park, Colorado for a pipe shoot, but unfortunately my knee starting bugging out right after my first couple hits so I basically just sat there and watched Riddle and Duncan kill it. Then a week or two after WSI I went down to Copper for the Level 1 park shoot, which was sick. We hit a whole bunch of features and everyone killed it. So I got some shots there and hopefully I’ll have some footage in Turbo.

photo: cko

Not too long ago you were primarily a film skier and now you’ve switched gears and seem much more competition focused. How’s it feel to not be able to film as much?

It’s awesome actually, because although I enjoy filming I figured out that competing for me is so much fun. Well I should say that competing is so much fun when you’re doing well, and the worst thing in the world when you’re not doing very well. And fortunately I had a good season, probably the best season I’ve ever had, and had a blast doing it so I’m going to keep running with it and see where it takes me.

with Matt Hayward. photo: Jeff Schmuck

Speaking of films, are you going to IF3 this year?

I’m working on that right now actually, because I’d love to.

You better, because you’re going to be on the flyer.

Pimp! That’s so sick. I’m really hope I can make it out, I’d be stoked.

bamboo tap with Turpin. photo: Jeff Schmuck

Which of the films are you most looking forward to?

Probably Tanner’s. Actually probably all of them. I heard Reasons is going to be insane, and that they’re taking twice the amount of time to edit then they ever have on any other Poorboyz movie in the past. And of course Turbo, because I’ve seen a lot of Wallisch and Hornbeck and Rainville’s footage and it’s pretty unreal. It’s by far the most progressive urban skiing I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s really going to blow people away. 

Anything to say to all kids on NS?

Keep shredding, keep it fun, and come to Momentum next year.

photo: Jeff Schmuck