We are stoked let you all know that we have chosen a title for our upcoming full length ski film. The title is “Out of the Shadows” and speaks to the athletes and crew that have been a part of this film. From us as producers who received no backing beyond product by the industry, to the skiers who have world class talent, some even displayed on the freeskiing tour, yet they remain hidden to the visual world of ski films.

We came up with this title while sitting in a hot tub at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. After another great day at SWS, we put our brains together to discuss ideas for a title.

As well, Dendrite has caught the attention of some people in the industry, including ESPN. Here’s a little write-up about Dendrite on their weekly freeski blog update .

Stay tuned, as within the next couple of days our full trailer will be released, and it is bound to turn a few heads.


-Nic and Athan