A Hybrid of Rider/Customer input, sweat, tears, unsafe levels of caffeine intake, countless hours and, outerwear materials, the Anomie is back and Better than ever for the 09’-10’ season. Features a 2-Layer Dentik 20K mm waterproofing/ 20k gm breathability external nylon shell with 100% seam taped construction. All the bear essentials to fend off Mother Natures’ harsh elements. Custom Saga Printed moisture wicking mesh liner, keeps you fresh and dry from the inside out. We know you can’t always land everything first try so why not utilize the jacket/pant snow skirt system to stay dry. Rider demand has required us to further reinforce the cuffs and crotch to stand up to a day in, day out beating. Schweaty Ballz?…No sweat, solved in a breeze with the D.A.C.V.S.(Dual Action Cross Vent System) . Imitated by many, but executed by only Saga, the Anomie is the only suit on the market to feature the “Saga Signature Fit”.
All Outerwear is currently on a Pre-sale basis. Outerwear will begin shipping on November 30th. Any other items purchased during a pre-sale transaction will ship to you under normal shipping circumstances. Any and all changes on outerwear shipment date will be updated immediately on the official saga blog as well as other public forums under a official Saga Outerwear Screen Name. The only official way to discuss your order is by sending an e-mail to, contacting us in any other way will not get you a response on your order. This is for both of our benefits to keep everything tracked as efficiently as possible (Please put a Subject on your e-mail). You can be assured we are doing everything in our power to get the outerwear in earlier then stated, however unless we do an official update there is no change in date, so emailing more will not help speed up the process. As we experienced last year certain styles and sizes sold out almost immediately, and everything is a first come first serve basis, NO RESERVATIONS! Due to our strong customer support over the past year we are able to give back by offering a full suit (jacket/pant) combo for $400 (+shipping)!!! A full combo must be purchased to receive the pre-sale discount. If you only want a pant or jacket, we suggest you buddy up with someone, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!! That all being said, enjoy and we can assure as any past customers will that it is well worth the wait.