Hafjell vol 2 from Steffen Hamre on Vimeo.YO!Me and Steffen shot a couple of runs in hafjell the other day. nothing special. It tend to become more bull shit then skiing in me and steffen´s edit´s. Sorry for you english speaking people, but I guess it´s not my fault that you can´t speak norwegian.Tomorrow myself and Steffen is making the trip to Vierli ski resort. They had the Artic Challenge qualifyers there earlier this year and it looked great. I have done my little warm up in Hafjell these last couple of weeks so now im ready for some real skiing. I got my charger for my camera and my wide angel lense back so look out for a edit from Vierli pretty soon. Oh yeah, we´re picking up Jonny in Oslo as well. sounds like a great weekend.PK